Training for triathlon orange county

Training for Triathlon in the OC

For those lucky enough to live in or near Orange County, California, there are many options for training for a triathlon, including swimming, cycling, and running. Below are some of the best training options for triathletes in Orange County.

Swim for Triathlon

Swimming is an essential part of triathlon, and Orange County has some fantastic options for swim training. Many local community pools offer lap swim times, and some have master’s swim programs. For those who prefer an outdoor swim, several ocean and bay beaches have protected swim areas. Crystal Cove State ParkCorona Del MarNewport Dunes, and Huntington Beach have popular swim spots.

Cycling for Triathlon

Cycling is the triathlon’s most extended leg, so getting in plenty of bike training is essential. Orange County has excellent bike paths and routes, including the Santa Ana River Trail (SART), the Back Bay Loop Trail, and Santiago Canyon Road. Cyclists can also join local cycling clubs, such as the Orange County Endurance, to train with others and improve their skills.

Running for Triathlon

The final leg of the triathlon is the run, and Orange County has many great running trails and paths. Some popular spots for running include the Bolsa Chica State Beach Trail, the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness ParkChino Hills State Park, the Fullerton Loop, and the Peters Canyon Regional Park. Running clubs like the Snails PaceSocial Hour Run Club, and South Coast Roadrunners are also great ways to train with others and stay motivated.

In conclusion, Orange County, California, offers many great options for triathlon training. Orange County has it all, whether you prefer swimming in the ocean, cycling on a bike path, or running on a trail. By incorporating strength training, cross-training, and recovery into your training routine, you’ll be on your way to a successful triathlon.

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