Swimming training with a snorkel

Use a Snorkel to Improve Your Swim Breathing Technique

The question of the benefits of swimming with a snorkel frequently arises in the Orange County Endurance Discord chat, so we decided to address it here.  Incorporating a snorkel into your swim training can significantly benefit triathletes by allowing them to focus on refining their skills without the added concern of managing their breathing technique. […]

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Breathing in the triathlon swim

Mastering the Art of Breathing in Triathlon Swimming

Breathing is essential to swimming, especially in triathlons, where efficient breathing techniques can significantly enhance performance. Triathlon swimming has two common breathing patterns: Single Side Breathing and Bilateral Breathing. Each way has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s delve into the details to understand when and why to use each approach. Bilateral Breathing Bilateral breathing refers […]

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Triathlon and mental toughness

Mastering the Mental Game: Strategies for Triathletes

Triathlons are renowned for testing athletes not only physically but also mentally. This is particularly true in long-distance events like the Ironman, where the mind can become a formidable adversary as the race progresses. As the body strives to conserve energy, the mind often attempts to impede progress long before physical exhaustion sets in. Developing […]

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Beginner triathlete race mistakes

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Triathlete

With its combination of swim-bike-run disciplines, triathlon can be a complex and challenging event. It may feel like navigating a minefield with potential pitfalls at every turn for first-time triathletes. However, avoiding a few common mistakes can create a more enjoyable race day experience. Here are ten common mistakes made by first-time triathletes and tips […]

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Track workouts for triathletes

Track Workouts for Triathletes

Track workouts are essential training for runners and triathletes of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to complete your first 5K or an experienced triathlete chasing a personal best, incorporating track sessions into your training routine can bring numerous benefits. Track workouts can help improve speed, endurance, form, and overall performance. Speed Development One […]

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Top Tips for Buying a Triathlon Bike

Top 6 Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Triathlon Bike

Investing in a triathlon bike is a significant decision for any athlete looking to improve their performance in multisport competitions. A triathlon bike can provide a competitive edge with its aerodynamic design and specialized features. However, choosing the right bike requires careful consideration of various factors. Let’s look at the essential aspects to consider when […]

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Weight training for triathlon

Bodyweight Training vs. Weight Training for Endurance Sports

As more top-level triathletes like Lucy Charles and Jan Frodeno embrace strength training, the benefits of incorporating it into your routine are becoming increasingly apparent. Not only does it help you stay strong and injury-free, but it can also positively impact your body composition and physical attributes such as strength and explosiveness. When it comes […]

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