We are a community of like-minded individuals living in or near Orange County, CA, passionate about triathlon & endurance sports looking to cultivate new friendships while supporting local clubs, coaches, and businesses.
Swimming training with a snorkel

Use a Snorkel to Improve Your Swim Breathing Technique

The question of the benefits of swimming with a snorkel frequently arises in the Orange...
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Transition Runs in Triathlon

Maximizing Your Run Split: The Importance of Transition Runs in Triathlon

In the world of triathlon, whether you’re a professional or an amateur, the run portion...
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Breathing in the triathlon swim

Mastering the Art of Breathing in Triathlon Swimming

Breathing is essential to swimming, especially in triathlons, where efficient breathing techniques can significantly enhance...
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Triathlon and mental toughness

Mastering the Mental Game: Strategies for Triathletes

Triathlons are renowned for testing athletes not only physically but also mentally. This is particularly...
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Beginner triathlete race mistakes

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Triathlete

With its combination of swim-bike-run disciplines, triathlon can be a complex and challenging event. It...
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Track workouts for triathletes

Track Workouts for Triathletes

Track workouts are essential training for runners and triathletes of all levels. Whether you’re a...
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Top Tips for Buying a Triathlon Bike

Top 6 Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Triathlon Bike

Investing in a triathlon bike is a significant decision for any athlete looking to improve...
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Weight training for triathlon

Bodyweight Training vs. Weight Training for Endurance Sports

As more top-level triathletes like Lucy Charles and Jan Frodeno embrace strength training, the benefits...
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Triathletes and caffeine

The Role of Caffeine in Endurance Sports: How Daily Consumption Impacts Race Day

Endurance athletes and caffeine go hand in hand. From morning coffee rituals to caffeine-infused sports...
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